About Us

About Us

Giving Help and Hope, one case at a time.


Susan Broberg, Attorney at Law PC, is a firm committed to helping individuals and families resolve their immigration needs.  Each case is important and unique and deserves personal attention to every detail.  We have helped hundreds of people in all kinds of cases, from simple to complex, and look forward to assisting you. We understand that your case is about your future, your family and your life. 

Perhaps you are trying to immigrate yourself or bring a fiance, a spouse, child or other loved one from another country to the United States.  Maybe you have been living in the United States and need to work on fixing your situation.  Maybe someone you love is in immigration custody or at risk of deportation.  Whatever your situation is, our office can help assess your best options.  We will work with you on the cost, payments and timing to fit your needs.


Susan Broberg


Susan Broberg has been an attorney for more than 16 years.  Having lived and traveled extensively abroad, she has come to appreciate the world and its people, finding that humans share much in common.

After law school, Susan worked in Los Angeles, California in the Federal Courts as a clerk before moving to a small firm for several years.  When she moved and started her own practice in Utah, she knew she wanted to focus on helping immigrants, families and individuals.

Susan and her two children love living in Southern Utah with the beautiful scenery, great theater and art, and most of all, the people she enjoys meeting in her work and day to day life.  Susan speaks Mandarin Chinese and hopes to someday speak Spanish.

“my philosophy has always been that people come first…”

The Staff

A Team You Can Rely On

Susan knows that she couldn’t get half of the things done that she needs to without her awesome assistant, Lauren.  Preparing your case and filing applications, documents and so on can seem like an impossible task.  But, we are here to help!

Lauren can help you with your questions, document lists and preparation, and translations.  She speaks Spanish and, at your request, can join you in your consultation with Susan so that you can be at ease in communicating with the attorney.